Wildflour’s platters are the perfect addition to any menu. Our wide and delicious variety makes it easy to please your guests. All of our platters are presented on disposable trays and serve 25 people.

Dessert Platters

Fruit Platter $68
-Assortment of seasonal fruit sourced from local farmers

Fruit and Cheese Platter $65
-Assortment of seasonal fruit sourced from local farmers with Cheddar, Jack and Swiss cheese served with crackers

Antipasto Platter $85
-Variety of cold cuts and cheeses served with fresh baguettes and condiments

Cheese Platter $55
-Cheddar, Jack, Swiss, Jalapeño Jack and smoked Gouda served with crackers

Crudité Platter $50
-Assortment of seasonal vegetables sourced from local farmers

Mediterranean Platter $58
-Hummus, black and green olives, baba ghanoush and tabouleh served with pita bread

Cucumber Cup Platter $78
-Cucumbers cups stuffed with shrimp and mushrooms or
Cucumbers cups stuffed with roasted red pepper hummus

Grilled Zucchini Roll Platter $78
-Grilled zucchini rolled up with your choice of roasted red pepper hummus or mozzarella cheese

Deviled Eggs $48
-Hard boiled eggs halved and stuffed with yolk and mayo, topped with your choice of green olives or paprika

Mini Vegetarian Assorted Quiche Platter $65
-Assortment of mini quiches in the following flavors: wild mushroom, gruyère and leek, eggplant ratatouille and goat cheese and red pepper

Chicken Satay Platter $50
-Sautéed chicken on a stick (can be combined with shrimp satay platter)

Shrimp Satay Platter $75
-Sautéed shrimp on a stick (can be combined with chicken satay platter)

Tea Sandwich Platter $65
-Ham and cheese
-Cheese, egg, turkey and cheese
-Green peas and carrots
-Cucumber and green/red peppers
-Cucumber and salmon or hummus

Cocktail Meatballs $48
-Served in a sweet BBQ sauce

Bruschetta Platter $40
-Cheese, cherry tomato and sun-dried tomato chopped and placed on top of sliced baguettes

Assorted Breakfast Platter $58
-Muffins, croissants, danish, bagels and croissants. Served with jam, butter and cream cheese

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