“Employee Spotlight of the Week”

Meet Janel

Janel joined Wildflour Caterers in October, 2014. She graduated from Edison High School in 2012 and went on to be a student at Alexandria’s Pulley Career Center.

Janel’s first task was to learn all aspects of the “Just Rewards for Dogs” biscuits program. She first learned how to make our three flavors of biscuits: peanut butter, bacon and chicken. She then learned how to properly sort and pack biscuits. According to Janel, making and packing dog biscuits is enjoyable because it comes easy to her.

Besides her work with dog biscuits, she¬†has expanded her skills to the kitchen. She often helps the kitchen staff with prepping and other tasks. She was chosen to be part of our Chef Training Program’s second generation. Along with 5 of her coworkers, she will learn how to cook various types of foods and will train to become a certified food manager.

Janel Spotlight

According to Janel, an outstanding Wildflour employee must be a hard worker, act polite, follow directions and always be prepared and on time. She believes she has all of these qualities and works very hard to achieve them.

One of the many reasons Janel enjoys working at Wildflour is because of her co-workers. Some of them she knew from her high school and Pulley Career Center days, and others she has met along the way.

Janel is looking forward to the start of the Chef Training Program and learning how to make pasta. She plans to continue working hard everyday and is excited to become a chef.

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